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  • What is home healthcare?
    Home healthcare provides medical and support services in a patient's home for those recovering from an illness, managing chronic conditions, or needing help with daily activities. It includes professional nursing, therapy, and assistance with personal care, aimed at improving health and independence in the comfort of one's home. This approach is ideal for individuals who prefer to receive care in a familiar setting, focusing on both their medical and holistic well-being.
  • Is a Doctor's Referral Required for Home Healthcare?
    A physician's referral is required, particularly if you plan to cover costs through your insurance. This must be requested from the doctor. The referral to Octihealth Home Health Agency can be faxed to 847-305-5705, emailed to, or doctor can fill out the "Refer the Patient" form on our website.
  • What Are the Payment Options for Your Services?
    We accommodate a variety of payment methods, including Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance plans, and direct personal payments.
  • What Private Insurances do you accept?
    Octihealth is continuously broadening its Private Insurance Network. Keep checking back for the latest updates! Below, you'll find the private insurances we currently accept and are ready to serve you with.
  • Who uses home healthcare?
    Home healthcare caters to a wide array of individuals, including adults and the elderly, with services customized by Octihealth Home Health services. It is especially suited for: Those moving from hospitals or nursing homes who need continued care. Individuals with temporary health issues seeking extra support. People who wish to remain at home despite the challenges of age or disability. Anyone requiring education on managing their health and mastering self-care techniques. Patients recovering from surgery, where we ensure proper healing and prevent infections. Individuals recovering from falls or other traumatic events who prefer receiving therapy in their own homes for a few hours weekly, rather than staying in a facility. Those recently diagnosed with a disease, needing guidance on medication management and care for themselves and their families. Patients with wounds requiring advanced care and special equipment, backed by our certification from the Organization of Wound Care Nurses. Patients needing intravenous medication dispensation. These examples illustrate just a portion of our extensive service range.
  • What does "homebound" mean?
    Being "homebound" means that leaving your home is a significant challenge due to your health condition, requiring help from others or the use of mobility aids like crutches, canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. Going out takes a considerable effort. However, you're still considered homebound if you need to leave for medical care not available at home, or for short, infrequent non-medical outings, such as attending religious services, visiting a barber or beauty salon, or participating in special family gatherings, as long as these trips are challenging for you.
  • What professionals are involved in Octihealth's care services?
    The Octihealth team comprises a variety of healthcare professionals, including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, medical social workers and home health aides. This multidisciplinary team collaborates to tailor your care according to your specific requirements.
  • How Frequent Will My Home Healthcare Visits Be?
    The frequency of your home healthcare visits is tailored to your specific needs. It depends on your doctor's orders, Medicare guidelines, and approval from your private insurance. As your health requirements change, your doctor might adjust your care plan by either increasing or decreasing the number of visits to ensure you receive the optimal care at home.
  • Who is Eligible for Home Healthcare?
    A doctor's certification stating you need periodic skilled nursing or therapy services like physical, occupational, or speech therapy. A doctor's confirmation that you're "homebound," meaning you can't leave home without a lot of help due to your health condition.
  • How Do My Doctor and Octihealth Work Together?
    After your doctor refers you to Octihealth, we will reach out to schedule a home visit for an assessment. Based on this evaluation, we'll work with your doctor to create a personalized care plan for you. We'll keep your doctor updated on your progress and consult with them for any adjustments needed in your care plan.
  • Can I Choose Octihealth Home Health if My Doctor Recommends Home Healthcare?
    Absolutely! Federal law grants you the right to choose your own healthcare provider. If your doctor or healthcare facility suggests home healthcare, you're fully entitled to request Octihealth specifically as your preferred agency. We're here to offer you personalized and compassionate care tailored to your needs.
  • How can I get a referral for home health care?
    Talk to your primary care physician about whether home health care is the best option for you. If your doctor determines that you are eligible and in need, they will write, order, and coordinate care with us.
  • What is the difference between private duty and home health?
    Private duty generally refers to non-medical caregivers who assist with activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Home health refers to skilled nursing and home rehabilitation.
  • Will my insurance pay for home health services?
    Home health services are fully covered by Medicare and by most commercial insurance plans. Our reimbursement specialists can help you determine coverage. To find out if you are eligible for Medicare home health care services, read the free publication Medicare and Home Health Care (Publication No. CMS-10969), available at
  • How long will I receive home health services?
    Medicare and most commercial insurances will initially certify home health services for a period of up to sixty days. Should additional or new services be required after the initial sixty day certification, a new order or recertification will be submitted.
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