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Physical Therapy Services

At Octihealth Agency, we understand the importance of mobility and physical well-being in enhancing the quality of life. Our dedicated team of Physical Therapists is committed to providing exceptional Exercise Therapy Programs and Pain Relief Therapy, all within the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your own home. Our goal is to restore and improve your mobility and physical function, enabling you to enjoy the independence and lifestyle you cherish without the stress of leaving your home.

Our Physical Therapy services are comprehensive and designed to address a wide range of needs:

  • Active and Passive Joint Mobility Training: Tailored programs to enhance joint movement and flexibility, reducing the risk of stiffness and improving overall mobility.

  • Chronic Pain Treatment and Management: Advanced techniques to alleviate chronic pain, helping patients achieve a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

  • Proper Posture and Positioning: Guidance and exercises to correct and maintain proper posture, preventing strain and injury.

  • Energy Conservation: Strategies to manage and conserve energy for daily activities, improving endurance and reducing fatigue.

  • Geriatric Physical Therapy Programs: Specialized care aimed at addressing the unique physical challenges faced by older adults, focusing on strength, balance, and mobility.

  • Lymphedema Management and Care: Effective treatments to manage lymphedema, reducing swelling and discomfort.

  • Mobility Assistive Devices Training and Education: Expert advice and training on the use of mobility aids, ensuring safety and independence.

  • Strength Training: Programs to build muscle strength and support joint health, enhancing overall physical capacity.

  • Flexibility Training and Exercises: Exercises designed to improve flexibility and range of motion, facilitating easier movement and reducing the risk of injury.

  • Relearning Self-Care Skills: Assistance in regaining the ability to perform daily living activities independently, promoting self-reliance.

  • Arthritis Treatment: Specialized therapies to manage arthritis symptoms, improving joint function and reducing pain.

Here's a table summarizing various physical therapy services provided by home Octihealth

Name of Service


Body Mechanics Training

Educates patients on proper body movements and positions to prevent injuries.

Minimizing Fall Risk for the Patient

Focuses on strategies and exercises to reduce the risk of falls, especially for the elderly or those with balance issues.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Treats musculoskeletal injuries and conditions affecting muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Balance / Vestibular Rehabilitation

Addresses balance disorders and dizziness, often related to inner ear issues, improving stability.

Training of Self-Care Skills

Teaches patients techniques and strategies for daily living activities to enhance independence.

Home Exercise Programs

Develops personalized exercise routines that patients can perform at home to improve mobility and strength.

Pediatric Therapy

Specialized therapy for children and adolescents, addressing developmental, neuromuscular, and orthopedic conditions.

Joint Mobility Treatment (Active/Passive)

Techniques to improve the range of motion in joints through active and passive movements.

Orthotics Training

Involves the use of devices like braces and splints to support limbs or spine, improve function, or alleviate discomfort.

Posture Correction

Focuses on correcting poor posture to prevent strain and injury, enhancing overall spinal health.

Gait Rehabilitation

Aims to improve walking patterns and functional mobility through specific exercises and training.

Geriatric Physical Therapy Programs

Tailored to meet the physical health needs of the elderly, focusing on mobility, strength, and balance to enhance quality of life.

Enhancement of Physical Strength

Involves strength training exercises to build muscle strength and endurance, crucial for daily activities and mobility.

Home Safety Assessment

Evaluates a patient's living environment to identify potential hazards and recommend modifications to prevent injuries.

Energy Management and Conservation

Teaches techniques for performing daily activities in an energy-efficient manner to minimize fatigue, especially important for those with chronic conditions.

Flexibility Training

Exercises designed to improve flexibility and range of motion, which can enhance overall mobility and decrease the risk of injuries.

At Octihealth, our approach to Physical Therapy is personalized, taking into account each patient's specific needs, challenges, and goals. We are dedicated to helping you regain the highest level of function and independence possible, with treatments that not only address your physical needs but also empower you to lead a more active, fulfilling life.


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