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Home Health Aide Services

We are proud to offer the services of our State-certified Home Health Aides, who meet our stringent standards for home-based Personal Care. Our aides are dedicated to providing compassionate support and assistance with a wide range of daily living activities, ensuring that our clients can live their lives with dignity and independence in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Home Health Aide services are comprehensive, covering various aspects of personal care and support:

  • Bathing or Shower Assistance: Ensuring safety and comfort while promoting personal hygiene.

  • Dressing Assistance: Help with selecting and putting on clothes, accommodating for any mobility or health issues.

  • Mobility Assistance: Support with moving around the house or outside, fostering independence.

  • Vital Signs Monitoring: Regular checks to keep track of health status and early detection of potential health issues.

  • Medication Intake Reminders: Ensuring medications are taken on time and in the correct dosages.

  • Transportation Arrangements to Social Functions: Facilitating participation in social activities for a fuller, more engaging life.

  • Personal Laundry and Linen Changes: Maintaining a clean and comfortable living environment.

  • Assisting the Client with Feeding/Eating: Providing support for those who may have difficulties eating independently.

  • Simple Wound Care: Caring for minor wounds to prevent infection and promote healing.

  • General Health Supervision: Overseeing the overall health and wellbeing of our clients.

  • AM and PM Care: Tailored assistance to start and end the day, including personal hygiene and readiness for sleep.

At Octihealth, our Home Health Aides play a vital role in our care team, embodying our commitment to quality, compassion, and respect for the individuals we serve. We understand the importance of trust and reliability in home health care, and our aides are trained to provide not just physical support, but emotional comfort and companionship, fostering a positive and nurturing environment for every client.


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